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Does Your Small Business Need a Solutions Provider?

  • Does your business need a web presence?
  • Do you need a hand with your internet marketing campaign?
  • Does your business require a specialized application?
  • Are you ready to sell your products on the web?
  • Does your business need a SQL server database?
  • Do your office computers need updated, repaired, reloaded?
  • Do you need your business's computers securely networked?
  • Do you need administrative up keeping on your current website?
  • Is your network set up for file and printer sharing?
  • Does your business require a ticketing system, project management or invoicing solution that can be accessed outside of your network?

Why Us?

  • I listen to your exact needs and work with you on a customized solution.
  • I have a fast turn-around time but don't rush you in the process.
  • I am trustworthy and honest, and promise a 'no sales pitch' estimate.
  • I provide my customers with video tutorials to help train their staff.

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Before knowing that Scott could solve all my computer problems, I spent hours, upon hours of headaches, on the phone, and have paid numerous technicians on top of that, with still no results. From the smallest PC dilemma, to a virus that crashed my whole computer, Scott had all my computers back to their original working ways!! The frustration he has alleviated, I cannot put into words. I usually don't write a book, but I have had more than my share of comp issues! On top of that, his new photo program, insync, came more into handy than i would have EVER dreamed. It is a program designed for family and friends, to somewhat swap all of their photos onto a website, where you can see a special holiday, wedding, birthday, etc, from everyone's point of view. It's fun to see the combinations collide. I LUCKILY spent one day downloading all my children's bday pics onto this amazing site 2 days prior to calling my OTHER tech support,  whom wiped away ALL my pictures. I was SAVED with this program!!! Lastly, if you need a webpage, he has more experience, than anyone I have ever come in contact with. Thanks Scott, for saving me time, frustration, and money, throughout the past 13 years!! You rock!!
Leslie Kovach
Parma, Ohio


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